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We Install EV Chargers for your Home or Business

Contact us to receive a quote for your EV Charger install. We can supply and Install.

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Service Areas

Melbourne, VIC


0421 926 583


About Us

We have been passionate about electric vehicles long before they became mainstream, even prior to Tesla's widespread popularity. Therefore, we have diligently tracked the progress of EV charger technology over the years, which has given us a deep understanding of the EV industry as a whole, including EV chargers.


Our Service Areas

Our Electrical professionals deliver comprehensive EV Charger installations across the entirety of Melbourne, Victoria. We extend our reach from the dynamic hub of Dandenong to the picturesque expanses of Whittlesea, right through to the bustling precinct of Croydon. 

Our Services

Portable Chargers

A portable EV charger is a compact and mobile device that enables electric vehicle owners to charge their cars on-the-go, by connecting to a standard electrical outlet or a portable power source. These chargers can provide a convenient solution for EV owners who need to charge their cars in locations where a fixed charging station is not available.

Wall Chargers

A wall charger, also known as a Level 2 charging station, is a fixed charging unit that is mounted on a wall and requires a dedicated 240-volt electrical supply. These chargers offer a faster and more efficient way to charge an electric vehicle compared to a standard Level 1 charging station

Smart Chargers

A smart charger is an EV charging station that can communicate with the grid and the EV owner's smartphone or other devices. These chargers can adjust their charging speed and schedule based on the availability of renewable energy and the electricity demand on the grid, as well as the EV owner's preferences and usage patterns. 

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