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We specialize in the supply and installation of high-quality electric vehicle charging equipment to residential premises. Our team of professionals will ensure that your current electrical supply is adequate for the charging solution you require, and provide you with the best possible charging solution to meet your needs.

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Something for every budget

Choosing the Right Charger

We offer charging solutions from 15amp single phase up to 32amp 3 phase for residential premises. 

What does that mean in real terms?

The average home outlet will produce 10km per hour of charging. By upgrading your charging outlet you can increase the charging rate up to 50-120km per hour depending on the solution provided.

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Best Practices

The most cost effective solution is to install a charger to the dwelling, however this is not always practical so we offer solutions that will match the surrounding environment to make sure your charger blends, as well as being protected from environmental factors.

For example, when installing EV chargers in areas such as Brighton, Elwood, Middle Park and the wider bay area, we take into consideration the salt air and how we can mitigate the chances of corrosion by choosing a more protected location for the EV Charger.

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Is a Smart Charger Right for You?

We also offer installation of smart home chargers. Let the charger do the thinking for you.
Connecting to any existing inverter system our recommended smart chargers can be set to use only excess solar generated by your system.
No solar? No problem
The EV smart charger will also be able to measure the power load being used in the house and charge only when suitable so as to not overload your house supply.

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